Zero Boutique what parts of the body are effected by shaper wear and how to measure them for a proper fit.

Zero Boutique what parts of the body are effected by shaper wear and how to measure them for a proper fit.

Authored By Jessica Jones
At the back of the shelf, every woman has a favorite piece of clothing she wants to fit in. If your belly fat stops you from wearing skin tight jeans or a hugging dress, there is a very easy and safe solution! Have you ever thought about shapewear? With shapewear, you will certainly have no problem putting on any clothes you want to and feeling confident in it. Forget about the fear of seeing bulges protruding tummy in a tight fitting dress since shapewear is designed to change your whole appearance. Shapewear comes in a range of different designs that allow you to choose the alternative of exactly what body part you would like to modify a little. Right here are some areas of the body that shapewear targets.

What Parts Of Body Shapewear Effects 

● Tummy: assists to smooth the stomach as well as offers stomach control
● Waist: assists to smooth and also contours curves in the midsection
● Hips: offers support and tighten them 
● Thighs: offers thigh shaping and makes them look toned
● Bust: supports your breasts and lift them. Totally perfect for a plunge dress!
● Body: offers a full coverage for most of the body 


To get the best result from wearing shapewear and avoid any discomfort, it is important to pick up the right size. Shapewear is not as easy as just simply selecting the area of the body you wish to improve. It is likewise very important to take measurements to choose the appropriate size. It is rather typical for people to believe that the tighter the shapewear, the slimmer they will appear. This is not really true. If shapewear is too tight, it will certainly start to bulge under clothing; if shapewear is large, it can be rather noticeable and also not effectively perform its function.

For that reason, you should pay special attention to taking measurements before buying the shapewear. If you are close to a store, it is a smart idea to ask if they will take measurements for you. Otherwise, taking shapewear measurements is rather straightforward.

● First, you have to get a tape measure. 
● There are 2 main areas of the body that you have to measure: your midsection and your hips.
● Start off by wrapping the measuring tape around your midsection area without cinching.
● Write down the number that you see on the measuring tape and re-measure to make sure you get the exact same measurement twice.
● Next, wrap the tape measure around the biggest part of your hips. Make sure the tape measure is snug around the hips then record the number.
● Check out the size chart that can is located below the description of every shapewear we have at Zero Boutique. 

That's all! The whole process won't take you more than 10-15 minutes but will save you from the disappointment of getting too big or small size of shapewear you wanted so much. When you have your measurements, you are ready to order any shapewear you like at Zero Boutique! 

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