Waist Training for Beginners

Waist Training for Beginners

Authored By Jessica Jones

So, you bought a waist trainer. Now what? The whole concept can be overwhelming for a beginner, but we are here to explain the process to you! It's really pretty easy once you learn a few key points.

Waist training is increasingly popular, but we haven't been able to find many good resources on how to actually USE the product, so without further adieu, here we go!

What Is Waist Training?

First thing's first, let's answer this question. Lots of people are talking about waist training, but many aren't entirely sure what it means or what it entails. 

Waist training involves wearing shapewear, called a waist trainer, regularly to shrink your waist size instantly and to assist you in achieving your long-term goals for your body shape. Our waist trainers are manufactured with thermal materials that will increase the temperature in your core and help you to lose inches.


What Size Should I Order?

When purchasing a waist trainer, sizing is a very important step to ensure maximum results. You want it to be tight, a loose fitting waist trainer doesn't help anyone.

Our Zero Boutique waist trainers are adjustable, but we recommend following the size chart as they differ from typical shirt sizes. If you ever have a question regarding fit, feel free to contact our customer service team- they'd love to help find the perfect fit for you!

How Tight Is Too Tight?

In order for the waist trainer to work, it needs to be tight. It isn't going to feel like you're slipping on a pajama shirt, but you will get used to it! Some of our clients have compared the feeling to getting into a cold pool, it doesn't feel great at first but in a minute or two, you're completely used to it!

Your waist trainer is too tight if you notice it bunching up in places or rolling. If this happens to you, you will want to order the next size up to fix these issues. If you notice sagging areas in your waist trainer, you probably need to size down.

It's easiest to fasten the waist trainer by starting at the bottom and hooking your way up to the top.

Uncomfortable pain is not normal.

We have all heard the phrase "no pain, no gain" but that's not always 100% true. As we mentioned, waist training isn't the most comfortable thing you've ever done, but if you're experiencing pain, you need to either size up or choose a different waist trainer. If you're experiencing these issues, please contact us so we can get you back to waist training ASAP.

I Want To Use A Waist Trainer, Now What?

Ok, so now you know WHY to use a waist trainer, and you've ordered yours- now the fun begins! We recommend starting slowly. Since our waist trainers are adjustable, start with it a little loose, and gradually cinch it more and more until you reach a tolerable level of tightness. Start out wearing it for an hour or two, and gradually increase the time you wear it. Once you're used to it, it's recommended to wear it for 8 hours a day.

When Will I See Results?

Just putting the waist trainer on will instantly remove 2-4 inches from your waist. Those results will disappear when you take the waist trainer off unless you use it as part of a training regimen. If you want to keep the results without wearing your waist trainer all of the time, you should incorporate wearing your waist trainer into your workouts and healthy eating and your results will be amplified by the thermogenic properties.

In the waist training world, we call it the "triple threat" when you eat right, exercise, and waist train at the same time. 



You can wear it any time, and almost anywhere! We offer many different options so you can tailor your choice to your exact situation

  • For those who want a waist trainer for everyday wear, we recommend choosing a color that will blend in with your clothing.
  • We also offer shapewear that pairs well with our waist trainers, such as butt lifters and leggings.


  • Waist training at work is popular amongst our customers! An added benefit is it helps improve your posture, and after sitting for hours upon hours, who couldn't use a little pick-me-up? 
  • Since our trainers come in many different sizes, you're sure to find one that will work inconspicuously under your outfits


  • This is not a recommended practice for beginners, but some customers choose to do this after they've become acclimated to wearing their trainers for 8 hours per day.

 Types of Waist Trainers

  • Performance waist trainers: These waist trainers are perfect for use while exercising. They can be worn for running, walking, sports, and more. They also are appropriate to wear underneath your clothing and can come in handy during the warmer months as the performance material is meant to handle a lot of movement and sweat. They increase the perspiration in your core to help you lose inches.  Check out our blog post about 7 exercises for a bigger butt.
  • Latex waist trainers: Latex waist trainers make a great addition to any outfit. Some of these are created to turn up the perspiration as well, but not all of them. 
  • Cotton waist trainers: These cinchers are the most comfortable available and are great for our customers with sensitive skin. They're also our most popular for the summer months as they're the most breathable option.
  • Steel-boned corsets: These corsets provide the most dramatic results. They usually have a lace-up bodice for a more tailored fit.

Caring For Your Waist Trainer

Our waist trainers are made of high-quality materials, but proper care will ensure they last for a long time.

  • Hand-wash your waist trainer in warm water with a little detergent every 1-2 wears (especially if you're wearing your waist trainer while exercising.)
  • DO NOT ROLL UP YOUR WAIST TRAINER. They have hanging loops so you can hang them to dry.
  • A lot of our customers buy 2 waist trainers so they're able to wear one while their other waist trainer is drying. 

 Other Tips:

  • Make sure you stay properly hydrated. Regular water intake coupled with the thermal properties of our waist trainers are a great combination to shrink your waist!
  • Don't rush the results, make sure you are not trying to push yourself too hard, take it slow and enjoy the results.

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