Shapewear Lifespan And Care Tips

Shapewear Lifespan And Care Tips

Authored By Jessica Jones
As soon as you try shapewear, you will quickly find yourself thinking about how you ever lived without it before! And the more you get, the more confident and positive you will feel about your reflection in the mirror, no matter what you're wearing.

As you're creating your collection of shapewear, you might wonder how long each piece will last. Do you need to buy more or one waist trainer is enough? Actually, different models have different purposes – with some of them you can quickly hide trouble areas while others even help you to lose weight. Here’s what you need to know about shapewear durability and proper care.

Shapewear Lifespan

Though shapewear has a very strong visible effect on your figure, it is also quite delicate because of its elastic material and must be treated with proper care so you can wear it for a longer period of time.

The lifespan of your shapewear depends on many factors:

- How often do you wear it?

- What you use if for?

- What type of shapewear is it?

- How well you care for it?

The last factor will be viewed a bit later. In the meantime, if you buy a garment that you just plan to put on a few times a year for special occasions, it may stay a part of your wardrobe for several years. On the other hand, if you wear your waist trainer for daily workouts while moving actively and sweating hard and moving vigorously, it will certainly wear out much more quickly.

In general, if you're using your shapewear almost every day, it is most likely to last a couple of months. If you utilize it less often, like once a week or less, you can be sure that its lifespan will last a year or more.

The efficiency of your shapewear is the best indicator of whether it's time to replace it. It should wrap your figure firmly and sculpt your silhouette in a way that is smooth and lean. If with time you find out that materials are not so elastic and lose their shaping power, probably you have to buy a new waist trainer. Additionally, keep track of your body. Losing extra weight as a result of constantly wearing your waist trainer is quite normal, especially if combined with lipo cream and regular exercising. Measure your parameters and choose a size you need when buying a new shapewear.

Taking Care of Your Shape Wear

Proper care of your shapewear is essential to make it last. Here are a few tips that will help you with it.

Only wash when needed: Every time you wash your shapewear, the material wears out a little. That’s why there’s no need to do the laundry after every time you wear it unless it’s stained or smelly (underwear is the apparent exception here).

Watch the latex: While this is a powerful shaping material, it is likewise fairly delicate. Latex garments ought to be hand-washed in a bucket of warm water with a very gentle shampoo. Rinse your shapewear well and also hang it dry, but do not wring. Finally, do not let it dry in direct sunlight.

Store with care: In order for your shapewear to preserve its shape, lay it flat in a drawer and also make sure it isn't exposed to light. If it hangs well, make use of clothes pins or lingerie hangers. Waist trainers can be hung over a velvet hanger.

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