Professional Waist Training Guide: How To Start?

Professional Waist Training Guide: How To Start?

Authored By Jessica Jones

The best thing about waist training is that it suits everyone. No matter what your weight, height, body type or fitness level is, wearing a waist trainer daily can do wonders for you.

 Whether your aim is to get some significant waist slimming or to tighten up and tone your waistline, you could use a waist trainer to meet your goals. It can help you get maximum out of your workouts, really feel a lot more confident, improve your posture as well as keep you motivated to stick with your new healthy lifestyle.

Even if you feel a little scared at first, if you follow our professional waist training guide you will definitely see the results. 

Phase 1: Start Out Slow

Just like with any huge change in your life, there's an adjustment period when you start waist training. Your body needs time to get used to the new methods and a waist trainer itself. 

When you first put on a waist trainer, it may be really tempting to keep it on for a very long time because it will hide 1-- 3 inches from your figure. But don't make the newbie mistake of overtraining. If you have never tried waist training in the past, it may be really uncomfortable if you start so promptly.

When you wear a waist trainer for the first time, it will certainly feel really tight-- possibly tighter compared to any garment you've put on. It is also normal for it to be challenging to put on. Do not rush and start with the loosest setting. We recommend fastening the bottom hook at the narrowest part of your waist and then working your way up the waist trainer, pulling it down over your midsection as you go. It can be a little bit difficult for the first time, but you will learn quickly. When you wear it, you must be able to fasten the hooks with yanking (this is an indication that the waist trainer is too small). If you do it with a lot of pressure, you may damage your shapewear and get a very bad-looking result. A waist trainer that fits will create an hourglass waistline which looks amazing on any figure.

Once your waist trainer sits comfortably, you will notice that your stomach is tucked in and your back is straight. But after more than an hour there may be some kind of discomfort. This is totally okay, but remember that you should never feel pain or breath shortness when wearing a waist trainer. If either of these occur, take it off immediately.

Phase 2: Gradually Increase

Once you're putting on a waist trainer that fits, use it just for an hour on the very first day. Then you can start gradually increasing the amount of time for a couple of hours each day, as you feel comfortable. As soon as you're up to a number of hours a day, you can divide your wear into two sessions, as that can make the adjustment period less complicated. Listen to your body and hold your horses; you'll get there.

After a week or more, you'll feel comfy using your waist trainer all day. We advise wearing it for at least 6 hours a day to see the first improvements. Track your progress with waist measurements and pictures – it will encourage you to stick with your goals.


 Phase 3: Try Different Styles

The pleasant part of waist training is that with time you want to experiment more with different approaches. At Zero Boutique, there are lots of designs of waist trainers to meet numerous requirements at different phases of the journey.

If you are committed to wearing a waist trainer every day and have lost some inches from your waistline, at some point you’ll decide that it's time to size down. You'll understand you're all set when it just does not really feel as tight anymore as in the beginning, even on the tightest row of hooks. Reward yourself for your efforts – buy a new waist trainer!

To get the most out of your healthy lifestyle rotate a daily waist trainer with an exercise trainer. A waist trainer with a thermogenic effect will strengthen your results and motivation to keep on going. You'll be sweating harder, burning the fat and looking better each day, whether you're at the fitness center or taking exercise at home.


When you’re not working out, our nude waist trainer will be the best for work and casual life. If you want to add some colors and look sexy, look for a waist trainer with interesting design, for example a purple leopard one. There are actually a lot of options, so you will definitely not get bored wearing the same piece.


You can always look back over our guide for waist training for beginners 


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