How To Grow Your Butt Naturally

How To Grow Your Butt Naturally

Authored By Jessica Jones

So a lot of women are trying to get a bigger booty, but don't know where to start. We have compiled a list of ways to achieve the voluptuous bottom you want.

First, just know that there's no easy button for a well-rounded booty, it takes dedication and work, but with the right amount of effort, you'll be happy with your results in no time. 

Achieving a bigger booty with our enhancement creams is wonderful! but to get the best results you need to add a mixture of nutrition and exercise. Let's look at nutrition first.

Have you ever heard the adage "you are what you eat?" That is very fitting for this situation, as a healthy diet is paramount to your success. There's also such thing as too much of a good thing, so don't go overboard. 

Dieting For A Bigger Booty


Make sure you consume protein with every meal. The stigma that protein shakes are only for bodybuilders is just not true. Everyone needs protein to build their muscles, and since your butt comprised of muscles, you want to make sure they have protein to grow. You can get protein from meats, eggs, cheese, tuna, peanut butter, shakes, and many other sources.


Consider switching your carbs to whole grain alternatives. No more white bread or pasta, start purchasing whole-grain pasta and bread. They don't taste much different but pack a healthy punch!


The word "fat" has a very negative connotation, but really fats are an integral part of our diets. We need to steer clear of unhealthy fats though, so make sure to focus on healthy fats in things such as nuts, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, and fish.

Exercising For A Bigger Booty

Exercise is very important in shaping your booty into what you want it to be. Since your butt is made of muscles, you want to target those muscles to help them grow. There are many exercises that target your gluteus maximus and minimus. Some of the top exercises are lunges, toe taps, squats, and leg raises. Make sure you use good form for maximum results and to reduce the risk of injuries. As always, make sure to consult your physician prior to starting any exercise regimen.

What To Do In The Meantime

So you've committed to exercising and eating right, but you want to see some changes now. We have a lot of great shapewear that will help lift your booty and slim your thighs- these are great for the in-between time while you wait to see real results!

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