5 Ways To Fit Into Your Favorite Dress

5 Ways To Fit Into Your Favorite Dress

Authored By Jessica Jones
Not every woman dreams about finding her Prince Charming. Actually, one of the biggest dreams is to eat anything you want and without gaining extra weight and fit into a favorite dress. However, our body naturally tends to accumulate fat faster (whether because of a busy routine, love to unhealthy food or genetics) than to lose it. The result can be terrifying for most of us - a wide waistline and a plump stomach that is crying for help.  

Thankfully, there are numerous effective methods to deal with the excess body fat. Some of these like routine training can be pretty difficult to stick to, while others like drinking getting shapewear are much easier.

Below, we have actually set the five most powerful fat-burning tips to assist you get a slim stomach and look wonderful in anything you put on!

Have a Hearty Breakfast

A recent research broke the popular myth that consuming less leads to weight loss and proved the connection between a heavy morning meal and burning calories.

Actually, eating a caloric dish early in the morning keeps you full till midday, so you don't feel the trifling need to eat lunchtime snacks in-between. The best combination for a healthy yet hearty breakfast is eggs, multigrain bread and also high vitamin fruits.

If you don’t have enough time, just get yourself an apple, a protein bar or a fruit smoothie, as they are quick, healthy and filling up. And always remember to drink a glass of water before the meal, in order to offset the possibility of overeating as well as stay hydrated.

Consume Green Tea

Among beverages that enhance fat burning, green tea should have special attention. The thing is green tea causes 5-10% decrease in body weight as a result of everyday consumption for at least 12 weeks. Due to caffeine contained in it, this hot drink boosts your physical endurance and strength (especially during workouts), while anti-oxidants like catechins fight off harmful radicals attacking the skin, and detoxifies the system naturally.

Put on Shapewear

This is the method that will have immediate visible results. When there’s no time for healthy diet and exercises yet an important event where you should look fabulous is coming closer, shapewear is your lifeline. However, it’s main purpose is not only hiding bumps and supporting the breast. Of course, shapewear creates a seamless and elegant appearance, forming an hourglass figure. While you wear a waist trainer, your body will go into fat-burning overdrive thanks to our thermogenic technology.  

 Lipo Cream

It’s difficult to believe, but fighting with fat can be pleasant! If you’re too tired to go to the gym after a working day, wearing a waist trainer and applying a lipo cream after bath or shower can be your best option. It prevents the storage of fat by acting on the fat receptors. It’s very important to find a product made of natural ingredients otherwise you can burn your skin or cause an allergic reaction. Use it day and night for faster results. Another useful hint is to massage your skin to assist lymphatic circulation and stop cellulite formation.

Execute Cardio

Doing cardio exercises is just one of the most essential ways to lose excess weight in the upper body area while constructing muscles at the same time. Regular cardio keeps your essential organs healthy and toned and even burns that persistent fat nestled in the stomach area of your body.

Inning accordance with several Harvard Health Publications, you ought to stabilize your low-calorie diet with jogging, dancing, bike riding, swimming or any kind of physical activity that makes you sweat and gets your heart rate high. Apparently, you can burn off 223-335 calories swimming or gymming within 30 mins.

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