5 Reasons To Buy Shapewear Today

5 Reasons To Buy Shapewear Today

Authored By Jessica Jones

Body shapers can work magic when you wear them. From maximum control cinchers that develop significant modification to leggings that can hide cellulite, shapewear is quickly becoming a must-have that could handle a range of problem areas. If you haven’t decided which one to buy yet, we talked with a shapewear specialists at Zero Boutique, an online shop for those who want to look gorgeous, to provide five reasons why you may need to buy some shapewear today. 

1. Create Curves
For maximum reduction of you waistline (up to 4 inches!) search for latex models in our section "Waist Trainers". The high quality latex core of this type of shapewear creates optimal compression around your waist. Different garments are made of different materials, so looking for this in the construction of shapewear is a great place to start. It certainly reduces your waist by 1-3 inches instantly, making you look three sizes thinner. Plus, some of our customers that are using the waist trainer for 8-10 hours a day for 30 days report sustained decrease of 1-4 inches in the waistline.

2. Support Your Bust
Next time you shop around for a shapewear, select an underbust style garment. Underbust shapers rise to the area just below your bra. This style of shaper has several advantages that you may not have thought about. First of all, the garment supports your breasts, providing an instantaneous lift and raise effect. Secondly, it will stretch your silhouette making you look not only thinner, but also taller.

3. Reduce Bulging
Compression is a good thing when you're shopping for a shaper. Shapewear is an easy way to remove that muffin top and also undesirable bulges. If you keep track of the latest fashion tendencies, you've noticed that tight dresses in Kim Kardashian's style are still on top. These tend to highlight almost any body shape, but also highlight problem areas. With some shapewear, you can go out wearing a tight dress without feeling embarrassed or worried. More importantly, it's not seen through the clothes offering a clean and lean look while remaining discreet.

4. Regulate Your Weight
Did you know that some shapewear uses thermogenic technology? This means that they can actually help to increase blood flow to problematic areas, boost thermal activity and remove toxins. All of these are essential to losing weight. These models are the most popular among Zero Boutique customers. Tight yet comfortable, these waist trainers provide a permanent effect to help you become a better version of yourself in the nearest future. So give it a try today!

5. Get Rid Of Cellulite
Looking for one of the most effective non-surgical therapies for cellulite? Working out and dieting doesn't work and you're ready to give up? Don't panic! Now it's available in the form of garments you can wear. Anti-cellulite shapers utilize such methods as micro-massage to make your skin smoother and more toned. If you're afraid it's not enough, Zero Boutique has recently introduced a professional Lipo Cream. Being made of natural ingredients, it attacks fat cells and firms you up. You can easily combine a Lipo Cream with shapewear for the best effect!

If you are new to waist training make sure to read our waist training for beginners guide.

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